A Tửu Quán (liquor tavern) is only as good as the Tửu (liquor) it serves! Highway4 offers the full range of Ruou Son Tinh, Vietnam's first, and only, internationally awarded liquor. There are 12 flavours in Sơn Tinh's impressive repertoire including fruit liqueurs made using fresh local fruits, traditional blends using a variety of Vietnam's herbs & spices, and the fragrant plain sticky rice spirit Nếp Phú Lộc. At the Sơn Tinh Distillery in Gia Lâm, Rượu Sơn Tinh is produced in small batches, using only natural ingredients, according to traditional methods combined with modern innovations.

Try the complete set of 12 flavours of the award-winning Ruou Son Tinh with The Collector tray of 12 tasting glasses, available at all Quán Highway4 for only 355K!"