Highway4 is all about craft cuisine, with a menu designed to complement our range of original Sơn Tinh liquors. However, now we offer you a choice of craft beers too!

Rooster Beers, brewed in HCMC, use only the finest hops from Yakima Chief in the USA and the best quality barley from Belgian malters in their production process. For your enjoyment we have selected Sài Gòn Blonde (VNĐ 50K) and Gallo Negro (VNĐ 60K) from their range. Whilst Saigon Blonde is a clean and crisp melding of pilsner style grain fermented with bold ale yeast, Gallo Negro (dark beer) is a tribute to a Mexican style Dunkel.

Rooster Beers are available on draught at both Highway4 Hàng Tre and Highway4 Bát Sứ only.