Modelled on the concept of the Frozen Margarita, the Sontinhita is created using Sơn Tinh's award-winning Nếp Phú Lộc, mixed together with fresh lime juice, then blended with Jalapeno Peppers & Basil ("The Devil's Fart") or Mango, Mint & Phú Quốc Black Pepper ("Mango Trap"). Boasting a variety of fresh ingredients, the Sontinhitas offer a range of flavours but it is the spice of jalapeno and pepper together with the sourness of lime juice that offers a refreshing feeling on a hot summer's day. Available only at Highway4 Hang Tre.

The Macchu Picchu is our own variation on the world-famous Pisco Sour, widely regarded as a South American classic. Whist the Pisco is replaced by Sơn Tinh&;s Nếp Phú Lộc, we also adopt Sơn Tinh Minh Mạng in place of Angostura bitters.Naturally the Macchu Picchu also boasts sour notes from the abundance of fresh lime juice but, shaken with egg white, this cocktail also offers a smooth and delicate consistency, making it remarkably moreish. Be warned in advance though, it may not feel like it but this is a strong drink! Available only at Highway4 Bat Su.